Bayonetta 2: A Few Firsts for Nintendo to Celebrate…

I got a nice and hearty laugh yesterday thanks to the following email header: “A sexy, all-new action game available now” and that’s because it was an email from Nintendo. I don’t think any of their in-house advertising has previously used the word “sexy” (feel free to correct me here), so that’s what made me laugh so much. From now on, I want Nintendo to find any way to squeeze the word into EVERY game they produce. Let’s see Bayonetta outfits in that next Metroid game (whenever it gets made), the character herself pop up in the new Smash Bros. game, an Amiibo figurine just because she needs one and what the double heck, why not get Princess Peach out of that pink getup and Zelda out of her usual fantasy schmatta and into something more… sassy! er, SEXY!

Oh, the possibilities are endless, folks…

Here’s the image used for that email ad, by the way:

Bayonetta 2 email

I still need to pick this up (don’t worry, it’s DEFINITELY on the list), but I’m also amused at some of the oddball comments about the high scores the game has gotten from all over. Naysayers and those who wanted to play the game on something other than an “underpowered” Nintendo console are all being waylaid by not only those grand reviews, but the fact that the game was picked apart by the team at Digital Foundry who found that both the sequel and the remastered original game made for an excellent pair of examples of how impressive the Wii U is on the hardware front.

Meanwhile, Platinum Games has been vindicated in everything it’s said about the game as well as defending their decision to make the game an exclusive. PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya deserves to be smiling and waving off any past, present and future judgments of his and his team’s work as they’ve shown that sticking to their guns and not listening to the disruptive noise from the peanut gallery is often the best way for a developer to show what they can do under pressure. That and Nintendo absolutely needs commending for getting both games out for the price of one and making it an instant evergreen title for their console. Worth buying a system for? Oh, yeah…

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