Double Earth Defense Forces News: EDF 2 Coming to Vita ! EDF 4.1 Coming to PS4! (In Japan at Least)


EDF 2 V2 VitaOkay, I had a weird tickle in the back of my head today and as I had my Vita with me, I fired up Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable (EDF 2017) just to see if there were any recent updates and when I clicked on D3Publisher’s Japanese game page for the EDF series and looked in the news section, my head spun around like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist before I let out a little squeal of delight. Woo and hoo – the best EDF game is finally getting the portable remake it deserves AND that “new” EDF game for the PS4 is packing EDF 4 and some excellent new content onto next-gen hardware.

EDF V2 Vita SCRN Earth Defense Forces Portable 2 V2 packs in the full PS2 game on the Vita, but it’s NOT a straight up port at all by developer and series creator Sandlot. A new 4-player mode, the Air Diver class from EDF 4 and some nice visual tweaks that don’t spoil the intentionally “retro” look of that PS2 classic are making me want to grab this one as soon as it’s available in Japan (or from Play-Asia where I’ll most likely get this from). Go ogle the two LOVELY screenshot galleries over at Gematsu (thanks, Gematsu!) while I compose myself for a minute…

Okay, I’m back… but I’m about to lose it again because of THIS trailer:


EDF4 PS4Yeah, my head went around again. Twice. That, ladies and gents was Earth Defense Forces 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, also currently in development by Sandlot. That 4.1 means you’re getting what amounts to a juiced up remake of EDF 4/EDF 2025 with some nice new content. That verklepmt feeling is coming back, so cue up the Gematsu gallery for this one, please. Say “Arigato(u), Gematsu!” class. Goooood. Now, go away and play for a bit. Your teacher needs a bottle of sake and some salmon rice balls to curl up with now because he’s HAPPY.

Um, before I pass out in a corner with a sleepy smile on my face, I’ll let you importers know that the region-free (yes!) EDF 2 V2 comes out on November 27 in Japan and EDF 4.1 (also region-free!) is still in development and has no release date as of yet, but I’ll say 2015 for Japan. No word at all if either game is coming to the US or even outside any Asian territory, but that hasn’t stopped me from importing the other games I wanted in this series before. Still, I hope to heck D3Publisher of America can get BOTH of these out, even if the Vita game is a PSN-only download. That PS4 game? If it’s ever coming out here, it HAS to be a disc and/or download just so more people BUY it.

EDF 4.1 PS4As much as I’d most likely import this one as well, it would be peachy to know it’s on the way here at some point just so I can recommend it even more highly to those folks I know who freak out at the slightest bit of kanji in a game. The games in the EDF series are all easy to pick up and play, but those weapons descriptions can be daunting to those who want to know everything about everything they get at the end of a mission. Eh, we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, the powers that be here in North America will see that this series still has some life left in it. Hell, if that big beastie in the screenshot above is any indication, Sandlot has a few tons of surprises in store for fans…

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