Monday Deal: Double Your Bundles, Double Your Backlogs!



We interrupt my Tales of Xillia 2 coma (again!) to let you all know that there are two more indie bundles you should take a look-see at! IndieGala’s Every Monday Sale this week is deviously planning to relieve your wallets of $1.89 for SEVEN cool indie games that are all different (well, save for the expansion pack to Garshasp: The Monster Slayer) and bound to give you hours of fun (or longer if you get into replaying some of the shorter titles. Volt looks pretty nifty, too:


Oh, and that $1.89 price? It’s only good for the first day, so GRAB this deal NOW!

HFB Rhythm 


Meanwhile, over at the Humble Bundle site, it’s an all musical game deal they’re offering up in this week’s Humble Flash Sale. I love that this selection of games actually crosses genres, so you get everything from a music-based run & jump fest to a rhythm-based RPG. Click on that link, choose a price you can swing and get some games. As always, with both deals, some of your purchase price goes to charity, so have some guilt-less gaming and get entertained for not much money!


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