Hyrule Warriors Trailers: Four Times The “You Need To Buy This Game!” Courtesy of Nintendo…

screenshot0As a longtime fan of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and its odd and always interesting offshoots, Hyrule Warriors is going to not only be a must buy game for me, I predict it may move a few Wii U’s if it’s got the same sort of longevity the other games based on the Musou engine have. One thing the DW franchise has done perfectly over the years is give players way too many characters and so much action that every entry is an exercise in joyous overkill some love. Granted, the repetition tends to set in after a while and yes, can get to be tedious is you’re sucked in for too many hours. On the other hand, the land of Hyrule in the hands of veteran developers Omega Force and Team Ninja will no doubt make for such a brilliant teaming that this one will be nearly impossible to dislike.

On the other hand, I may have a slight gripe with the game if it’s just a series of battles and very little plot. I’m sure we’ll get cut scenes and a general plot working away here, but I’m hoping for something that does a good job of showing why Princess Zelda finally gets to kick a bunch of butt after all these years of needing Link to get her out of harm’s way. Actually, I hope that the game does well so we can see some sort of follow up that’s less a Dynasty Warriors re-skin, but something more akin to the highly underrated PS3 exclusive Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll. Take that game, add the ability for local co-op play (and perhaps online if the frame rate can be kept stable) and you have an even more excellent game that bridges a few genres and franchises…

Seeing Zelda take up a sword (finally!) is actually something some fans have wanted for years, so I’m hoping this game paves the way for a game starring the character in her own adventure without Link around to distract. Perhaps SHE could save HIM from some danger (which would be a shock to the system for some gamers, no doubt) accompanied by another character like, hmmm… let’s see now… Oh, right Impa, as seen below. She’s a fan favorite for pretty obvious reasons and it would be nice to see her return in other adventures and not just be a character relegated to this game or a future Smash Bros. character roster. As always, we shall see…

Hyrule Warriors lands in stores (and probably on the eShop) September 26, 2014. More on this one soon!
As always, we shall see… Hyrule Warriors launches exclusively for the Wii U on September 26, 2014. Hmmm… I’ll beta nickel this one sells out quickly in some spots…

screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8 screenshot9 screenshot10 


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