Cavia Lives! Sort Of. Xseed Returns Bullet Witch To The Xbox 360 Via Games On Demand

Bullet Witch Banner Xseed


BW_AliciaAh, my dear, dear Alicia… I missed you and your “witchy” ways, but it’s too bad this brief and non-physical reunion we’re having is just courtesy of a reissue and not an all NEW adventure.

Some people hated the now shuttered Japanese developer Cavia’s Bullet Witch when Atari brought it to the US for the Xbox 360, but I liked it (warts and all) thanks to the difficulty that required players PAY ATTENTION to enemies in the environments (snipers in that game were paid very well, let’s just say), learn patterns and take advantage of assorted strategies while trying to find that perfect pace to move at so poor Alicia didn’t get swarmed.

Bullet Witch 1 Bullet Witch 2 Bullet Witch 3

While PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta became a much more popular (and faster moving) heroine three years after this game came and went, I’ll always remember Alicia being there first with her big gun and wild spells. One day, she needs a proper comeback in a  better (and multi-platform) game, I say. (thanks, gameXplore!)

Bullet Witch coverCheap snipers and a few other foes aside, the game’s tricky bosses were the real challenge for many players, as they required quick shooting and magic usage to take down, but patience to learn their patterns. Anyway, this reissue is available now through Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Games on Demand service for $19.99, which to some will seem a bit of a premium price for a game from 2007 that got fair to middling reviews from a few of the crankier critics of the time.

On the other hand, if you love quirky, challenging game experiences and can’t find a physical copy in a game shop that sells used software (or on eBay), your only other legal means of grabbing this one is thanks to the fine folks at Xseed Games. So buy it and thank them, but make sure you have a controller that works perfectly. Anything wonky going on with the one you have now will lead to you chewing a cable up or beating a couch cushion too hard. Alicia likes it better when you play NICE.

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