2K Games @ PAX East: Borderlands And More Borderlands And Stuff…

I did not go to PAX East this year, but here’s a tiny sliver of what I missed. I’m not keen on conventions these days because I prefer being a fan who just PLAYS the games, not one who goes all out and dresses up like a favorite character or does anything else that keeps me away from a controller for too long. Granted, I admire ANYONE who has the guts to squeeze themselves into a costume that’s either hand made, cobbled together from what’s in the closet or store bought. I’m just way too busy poking around in assorted game worlds looking at stuff and admiring the hard work that goes into making them to get busy behind a sewing machine or makeup mirror. As for fan art? I’ve done my share and then some over the decades, but these days I’m more of an idea guy than anything else.

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