Goregirl’s Dungeon is Closing Its Doors

it’s the END of an era, folks. Well, five years isn’t a long time at all (if you use the dictionary definition of era), but considering her voluminous output, Goregirl calling it quits means the horror film scene is losing a major voice for genre films great to awful she wrote many (MANY) words about.

But this isn’t a funeral at all, as GG will still be active on Twitter and Tumblr. I only use one of those, so I’ll be keeping a peeled eyeball for her much shorter messages about what she’s watching because she’s never steered me wrong (especially when some of her picks freaked me out to no end!).

So long, Goregirl! You’ll be missed!!!


After five years of posting on Goregirl’s Dungeon I have decided to call it quits. This may seem like a rash decision but I have been feeling burned out for a very long time and writing has become a real chore. I love film as much as I ever did but my desire to write in this particular forum no longer exists. This isn’t good-bye by any means; I will still be on twitter and will continue to post on YouTube and tumblr. A friend feels I should leave my archives up under the old wordpress name goregirl.wordpress.com but in all likelihood this website will expire along with my website name goregirlsdungeon.com on June 17. Thank you so much for hanging out with me these past five years!


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