Now Playing: F1 2013

While some reviews of F1 2013 I’ve glanced at are calling a few of the changes “incremental” from last year’s installment, I’d say they’re missing a few points with that criticism such as the game not needing the bells and whistles other less “serious” racers provide and the fact that the formula (pun intended) as presented works as a perfect learning tool for novices. Granted, the game is NOT a 100% perfect “simulation” at all (although playing on the highest setting with all the aids off offers up plenty of unforgiving moments of “Oh yeah, I’m SO not an F1 driver!” as you spin out or wreck into a wall or other cars), but a fantastic recreation/representation of F1 that allows anyone with patience and practice to take home some wins and see what the sport is all about.

That said, beating Vettel here was a big “YES!” moment, as he’s a total machine on the F1 circuit in real life, making watching this season pretty boring because you pretty much know who’s coming in first. Also, I do LOVE that Classic Mode to the point that I wish Codemasters would have added MORE cars and tracks. I’d eat a tire for that six-wheel Tyrell, the Fan Car, some classics from the dangerous 60’s and so forth and so on. Hell, Grand Prix Legends isn’t coming to consoles any time soon, so I may as well be one of those bugging the Codies to get cracking on making my aged gamer brain and hands happier, right? Yes, there an actual review incoming – stay tuned.

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