Valve Drops Shoe Two of Three: Steam Machines, From A Few Sources (Plus How To Get One Early!)

Steam MachinesBOOM. Well, it’s not actually surprising, this badly kept secret of Valve’s, but at least the company knows how to make “old” news really damned thrilling. So, yes… in addition to their new Family Sharing plan, Valve is making a FREE downloadable game-centric SteamOS AND a console you can run it on. Even better, those upcoming Steam Machines are going to be coming from a few different producers so users will have a choice of styles as well as the flexibility to tinker with their individual systems and even create content if they’re that type of gamer. If half of that last sentence sounds familiar, it’s because Panasonic’s MUCH maligned 3DO Multiplayer ended up also getting a few variants produced by Goldstar and Sanyo at different price points and with different pack-in titles.

Of course, that Steam Box is no 3DO by a very long shot. Steam currently has over 3000 titles that can be purchased while the 3DO barely cracked 300 (OK, 312 if my research is correct), Add the Linux-based OS, download-only ease (unless you like retail games, whereupon you’re out of luck, Chuck), Big Picture support for HDTVs and too much more to mention in regards to other features and it looks as if Valve may indeed “own” the living room among many Steam users who adore the service.

The company is even offering up the chance to test the “console” with 300 VERY lucky folks getting in on a beta test to end all beta tests. How do you get in on the fun? Well, boogie on over HERE if you’re interested. You’ll of course, NEED a valid STEAM account, ten friends on the service and a few other things. Go HERE to find out the gory (OK, not so gory, but important) details and good luck! As for that THIRD announcement… I’ll bet you a penny that it’s NOT Half-Life 3 related news. Unless I’m wrong and it IS (but I seriously doubt it). Eh, we shall see, folks… we shall see…

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