Capcom Essentials Coming October 8: Five PS3 or 360 Games, $60, Any Questions?

capcom_essentials_PS3 capcom_essentials_360

For years, I’ve been noting that game companies NEED to shift retail bundle packs or collections of older titles at bargain prices into the marketplace and while we’ve seen plenty of franchise-based collections from all over, this set of five Capcom titles is a sort of first in a few ways. Sixty bucks gets you older titles such as Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2 and Super Street Fighter 4 (which will be upgradable to the upcoming Ultra SF IV next year) plus last years multi-million selling (but still somehow a critical and commercial “failure” to some) Resident Evil 6 and the super tough retro throwback Mega Man 10.

All that gaming goodness (each on its own disc!) and you get a free travel bag just because Capcom happens to love you or something similar. That or they just have too many of those overstocked somewhere, ha ha. Anyway, PS3 and Xbox 360 only on this deal, so this will make a perfect gift for that gamer just getting around to getting one or both systems or those folks who’ve yet to play anything in this value-priced collection.


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