Oboro Muramasa Gameplay: Your Japanese Lesson For The Week…

Yes, Oboro Muramasa will be coming stateside this year (as Muramasa Rebirth) thanks to the fine folks at Aksys Games, but you may as well take a long look at the import version of game before it’s in stores or on PSN this June. As a big fan of the Wii version, it’s great to see this game in HD on the Vita’s lovely wide screen and coming to gamers with some new content and a few tweaks. As usual, Vanillaware is proving itself a master developer when it comes to “old-school” 2D gameplay and some incredibly gorgeous visuals that are bound to make this one a hot item when it’s released. Of course, if you can understand Japanese, you’ll get a hell of a lot more out of this gameplay video. However, it’s not necessary at all of you want to see how the game will look and play on a handheld as opposed to on a TV with a controller in your hot little hands…


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