The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: The Title Sucks. The Game Certainly Doesn’t.


So far, so good for this upcoming vampire-killing chase & chop, I say. Well, the title is still kind of dopey (it sounds like a very wrong Saturday Morning cartoon), but I’m really liking what’s happening with this NeoCoreGames-developed action/RPG. If they can pull off everything they’re planning, this one will be a hit (dorky-sounding name and all). Hey, I’m just saying that a better name will keep some skeptics from their snickering, especially with everything looking so great on the presentation side. I don’t mind the HUGE damage numbers at all, as they add a nice touch of humor to things. That said, being able to toggle them off would be a good idea.

Of course, with everyone comparing every isometric action game to the Diablo series (although Torchlight is more enjoyable to some extent if you add Diablo III to the mix), that’s another hurdle to overcome. Not for me, however – I love these types of games and will definitely play this one to death. Or Van Helsing’s death, as I’d be hiding in the broom closet if there were any real-life vampires and werewolves coming after me. Anyway, a PC version is coming this Spring with an Xbox 360 version via Xbox Live on the way later this year. Hmmm… someone get these guys PS3 and Vita dev kits, I say. And what the hell, a Wii U one as well, as all those systems could use a few more great looking hardcore vampire slaying games (that aren’t called Castlevania)…

VanHelsing_Rage_01 VanHelsing_Rage_02 VanHelsing_Rage_04 VanHelsing_Rage_06 VanHelsing_Rage_05 VanHelsing_Rage_03

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