Something Old, Something New (Or, One GOOD Thing About Digital Games)…

torchlightWell, well, well. Digital games are good for something after all. I’d purchased an inexpensive boxed copy of Torchlight off eBay a few years back from an overseas seller and it actually arrived quickly and ran just fine. It wasn’t until after playing it for a week and coming across some text in another language that I had the thought it wasn’t a legal version (despite the official looking Microsoft hologram on the slipcase) and I wanted to support Runic Games and all their hard work. Shortly afterward, I ended up buying Torchlight again, this time directly from the Runic site. However, I wasn’t able to download it thanks to my crap home connection (the reason why I sought out a physical copy in the first place). Of course, after that, Encore put out a disc version in the US and yep, I bought one of those as well. Amusingly enough, I ended up gifting that one to a friend for his birthday as he wanted to play the game but also had a crap internet connection.

Yeah, I’m a nice guy when I want to be…


Anyway, I stuck with my original disc version and completed the game a few times, but in the back of my mind I knew that code I bought was sitting in my inbox unused. I was going to add “and collecting digital dust”, but I know there’s some snarky cat out there who’d throw up some argument about digital content not being able to gather dust at all and blah, blah, blah. Of course, I’d forgotten all about that code after Torchlight 2  and a few other games came out, but as I now had a nice laptop and wifi access at the local library of Starbucks, I was actually able to grab the sequel and those other games pretty quickly (whee, modern technology!). I finally remembered I needed to activate that first Torchlight code about an hour or so ago and yes indeed, it still works and it’s the latest version as well. Nice.

That said, I’m still not 100% convinced that digital and/or always online gaming is the “future” as where a great deal of people live in the real world, their connections to content are stuck in the last century. Torchlight II sometimes won’t load up unless I connect to the Internet to download an update or two, but I found a workaround to that thanks to the combination of Runic’s GUTS editor and the Synergies Mod on Desura that allows me to boot up the game or the harder mod for it without going through the Torchlight 2 updater. Score another tie for online and offline modes being well-synched, I guess. Let’s see if this holds true on the console scene, but all signs are point to a not so smart “don’t bet on it” at least as far as the big three are concerned…

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