Tomb Raider “Reborn” Trailer: Everyone’s Got Girl Power, It Seems…


It looks as if Square Enix and veteran developer Crystal Dynamics have hit a big home run here in this reboot of the franchise and this new video is probably the best bit of PR to come out of this. Watching it is a bit tough, but you’ll want to rescue a tree full of kittens or kick a burning bus down the street into a fire hydrant right afterwards I bet. Just don’t tell the cops that I told you you SHOULD do this. I have enough trouble with people jumping in lakes and flying kites on my say-so. Just go buy the game instead if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360…


1 thought on “Tomb Raider “Reborn” Trailer: Everyone’s Got Girl Power, It Seems…

  1. I still remember how amazing the first Tomb Raider was on the PC. I am very excited to try out this reboot. It looks a bit top heavy on the action side but maybe that’s just the marketing. I’m hoping there’s still a lot of exploring and adventuring mixed in there too.


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