Earth Defense Forces 3 Portable Update: Creating The Live-Action TV Ad WIth Minoru Kawasaki

Ah, that oddball Japanese sense of humor…. where would the gaming, no, entertainment world be without it? Famed “B” movie director Minoru Kawasaki is trying his hand at making EDF look even more cheesy than it intentionally is and based on these two videos, he’s going to succeed (and quite admirably at that). I’d forgotten to run the rather goofy announcement trailer for these spots a few weeks back (you get to watch the director drinking for the most part), but in a way, I’m glad that I missed posting it because these updates are such fun. Anyway, amusing stuff aside, HOPEFULLY we’ll have a seriously official word from D3Publisher of America after this year’s Tokyo Game Show on whether or not this reaches North America and Europe. In English, of course.

Hell, I’m importing it if it doesn’t and maybe even if it does because I’m such a huge EDF fan, but this is one of those titles I firmly feel will REALLY help the Vita out in terms of being popular worldwide.


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