Aliens: Colonial Marines Developer Diary 1: Bug Hunting (In More Ways Than One)…

2012 is going to be a REALLY good year for Gearbox Software, what with Borderlands 2 looking to outstrip the original in every way (and how). But let’s not forget the thrilling xenomorph-packed surprise they have coming up in 2013. Granted, I’m someone who liked Alien 3 when I first saw it (and like it even more today thanks to that Assembly Cut version), so I’m not one of those folks who thinks what’s here is replacing that film at all. Of course, if Fox decides to go on ahead and make a movie out of this new game, the crazy paradox time shift that will happen when some poor developer that’s not Gearbox tries to make a movie based off a game based off a film series… well, that just might cause the planet to collapse in on itself in confusion.

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