Splinter Cell: Blacklist ‘Pop-Up’ Video: Ubisoft Might Want To Shoot A Few Of The More Irate Fans, Too…

Boy, try and make a new game in a hugely popular series without dragging along EVERY element from previous entries and watch the more stick in the rear fans fearful of change scream and struggle as if they’ve been tossed into a burlap sack, then the back of a moving black van. Maybe Michael Ironside was unavailable, wanted too much money or hell, wanted to move on from the character he originally voiced for a bunch of games. Maybe Ubisoft wanted someone “younger” sounding for this installment. Eh, whatever. all this reminds me of is how things often work out in Hollywood in terms of sequels. Keeping in a Tom Clancy vein, how about that Jack Ryan? Anyone?

OK, here’s a recap: Alec Baldwin played him in The Hunt For Red October.  Harrison Ford took over the role, playing the Ryan character in two sequels (Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger) before being replaced by Ben Affleck for The Sum of All Fears (which was intended to be a reboot featuring a younger Jack Ryan). Granted, the Sam Fisher chronology is far different, but still, voice actors move on as they wish, not as the fans desire. As for the gameplay being “too easy” compared to older Splinter Cell games, I haven’t played this one myself, but so goes the industry in trying to appeal to a wider audience. I’m sure the final code will have adjustable difficulty, but even still, if you don’t like the more flowing style of gameplay introduced in Splinter Cell: Conviction, this new game probably won’t change your mind much. Until you play it and maybe see that smoothness of play helps the narrative somewhat.

And as for you guys still bitching about wanting Michael Ironside back as Fisher “or else”… here’s some perspective if you also still want Pierce Brosnan as your James Bond in any more games: give it up already. As you can see below, at least Brosnan has let his Bond days go completely and has moved on to other, more important roles in his career…



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