Hey, Let’s Burn A Bridge Today!

OK, time for me to get into trouble for telling the truth. One of the worst things about gaming these days: publishers that keep going out of their way to whip developers into making games specifically to generate high professional review scores on the hugely flawed aggregate site, Metacritic. Of course, this plan is annoying for a few too many obvious reasons, but let’s add in the monkey wrench of high-profile reviewers who don’t bother to get to or even through some of the games they’re sent and that ticks me off even more. Especially when I put in a request for a game and get turned down because the PR folks handling it ran out of copies or don’t think I’m “big” enough to warrant a reviewable. Gee, thanks, but at least it will get played, I say. It may take me a while to post a review, as I prefer to finish a game before writing about it, but it”l get done.

OK, I’d be a LOT less annoyed if I was getting paid for what I do on a regular basis. But still, this stuff gets my brain boiling in my skull a bit more than it used to. Hell, I respect the medium and the people who work in it too much to be that jaded, so it would be nice to be able to contribute my two cents like any other site. OK, rant-less rant over. Back to reality for a bit…


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