Zombie Shooter 2 Is Complete – All Hail Sigma Team!

Are you a fan of insane isometric run ‘n gun action with a dash of RPG elements, a healthy weapons selection and HUNDREDS of enemies onscreen exploding in gobs of gory goo? Well, Sigma Team has been a “go-to” source for games that follow that exact pattern for a few years and their latest effort, Zombie Shooter 2 is 100% complete and ready to purchase and download right off their website. The game follows the same mold as their Alien Shooter series of games, but the undead factor is one that really sinks its teeth into you a bit more than gigantic bugs and mutated dino-beasts…


If you’re hesitant about trying this arcade-style awesomeness, you can always download a free demo of Zombie Shooter 2 and a few of Sigma Team’s other older shooters such as Theseus: Return of the Hero. You’ll see some great lighting effects, vehicle and turret action, nicely sized levels with some minor puzzles in all the blasting And secret areas galore. The great thing about Sigma Team’s games is they don’t require a huge, pricey PC upgrade to run at all and manage to look decent even by “today’s standards.” Hell, I’d bet real money that if these were XBLA or PSN games, they’d be somewhere in the Top 20 purchases within a few weeks or less.

That’s a big HINT, Sigma Team! Get on it! (Really!)

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