Half Minute Hero Website Pops Up A Hot Minute Before the Game…

Xseed Games is at it again, folks. They’ve got a lot of nerve, ONLY letting us in on the cool official Half-Minute Hero web site on such short notice before its October 13 release date! Hmph… it’s as if they think their newest game is supposed to be some sort of riff on classic RPGs with rapid-fire 30-second battles and oodles of ridiculously addictive fun in single and multiplayer modes or something AND with a killer metal soundtrack to boot. Geez… darn publishers and their half-baked ideas!

Of course, I’m kidding about hating on Xseed, kids – go get a copy of HMH the half-minute it comes out, or you’ll be sorry! Oh… and get a copy of Ju-on: The Grudge as well – it’ll scare your Wii right off of its stand and right under the couch (along with you and the family pet)!

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