Go For Broke! Everyone’s Having Year-End Sales (No Sleigh Needed)

(Thanks, BadfishKoo!)

Short and to the point because I’m buried in stuff and you have mass quantities to consume, or something. Here are a few big sales you might be interested in because some neighbor kid made me laugh today when she asked her Tired Mom in the elevator today why people need to shop when “Santa is supposed to bring everything!”. 

Uh, about that…

“Well, this is going to be good,” I thought with a mild chuckle bubbling up. Sales first., story and cookies later.


Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

PC Games: Here, here, here, and here (among many, many other places!)



Arrow Video (UK, but if you have a region free disc player, go get something)

Kino Lorber


Warner Bros.

Olive Films

Deep Discount


Blue Underground

Oh, you wanted cookies? Those are above if you click away at those links (hee!).

Meanwhile, back on the elevator: Tired Mom noted with a sigh there was no Santa (oops!) before trying to “correct” herself but it was too late. The kid was all “I knew it!” in her smiling smugness and Tired Mom noted to her that she was only 11 and should at least have less enthusiasm about her disbelief and not tell her younger brother, only to be informed by the kid that “Oh, he knew that last year. Grandpa told him!”.

Cue me bursting out laughing and Tired Mom following suit, then looking my way and shaking her head, noting: “These kids today… just too smart!”, then glaring at her kid with a smirk. The kid was on a roll, though. As the elevator arrived on the main floor, she says “Aren’t you glad that’s over?” and as I was laughing again and holding open the door, she said “Well, now we have to tell Dad because he keeps hiding presents…”, and yes, Tired Mom was even more all ears. “Oh really….”. I missed the rest of that part of the conversation, as I was going in the other direction, but I’m betting Tired Mom was not so tired now and was going to be grilling the kid like an overcooked marshmallow as to where those gifts were located in their apartment.



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