Avernum II: Crystal Souls – Spiderweb’s Tiles & Treasures Classic Gets a Reboot!

Avernum II Crystal Souls logo 


It’s same old story, brand new engine time for Jeff Vogel and his small team over at Spiderweb Software, but this is a really good thing for fans of the developer’s work. This time, their classic RPG Avernum II is getting a complete makeover as Avernum II: Crystal Souls, set for release soon on PC, Mac and assorted devices. Spiderweb’s complex and engaging role-playing games have always been unique because of their sticking to what Vogel likes and not what the game marketplace “demands”. This means no flashy 3D engines or “uncanny valley” visuals, dense stories filled with loads of text and some intriguing characters and a simple to learn yet tough to master combat system.

Fully exploring every nook and cranny in a Spiderweb game takes a good deal of time, that’s for sure. But playing through each of their games reveals what happens when people who love what they do get to stick to their guns and make what they want to make with little to no compromise. I can’t wait to take this one for a spin and I’m betting like the company’s recent games, it’ll run on almost any machine that uses Windows XP and up without taxing the hardware. That’s excellent for dinosaur PC users like me who don’t play online or waste too much time being “social” babbling about how Spiderweb needs to finally make a polygon-heavy title that requires the latest 3D card (or two) just to get running. There’s still no school like the old school because you don’t need to blow a hole in your wallet to simply enjoy a damn good game, folks…

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