Gamescom 2014: Hey, Sony! You Kind Of Forgot About The Vita, Huh?

Hmmm. Well, not entirely, but you’d be hard pressed to find anything said about the small wonder at that huge event today. Freedom Wars looks like fun and a big buy this year, but nothing else was shown at that big deal media briefing meaning anyone who wanted to buy into the handheld looking for a showing at the show was probably left wondering if Sony even HAS a portable system. It’s kind of lame in a way because the system out-powers the 3DS by quite a bit and runs in a lovely HD widescreen Nintendo hasn’t yet realized on any of their handheld systems. Of course, it’s ALL about games at the end of the day and while the Vita does indeed have a number of solid must-play titles, there’s been s distinct lack of promotion of some of the non first-party titles that get kicked onto PSN and overlooked within a few days to weeks…

Call me crazy (again!), but why every Vita game doesn’t have some sort of demo is beyond me. Yeah, yeah, devs HATE demos (as so some not too bright gamers who can’t seem to understand that a demo isn’t representative of the FULL version – it’s just a spoon in the sauce for the tip of your tongue), but back in the original PlayStation days, it was the main way people got to try out new titles. Yes, there are plenty of Vita demos on PSN, but they tend to be old launch titles, timed demos that have save data one can load up once the final version is bought or oddball stuff that’s probably not going to do much convincing because you’re getting something that’s a variant of a game you may already own on a mobile device. That needs to get sorted out and soon, but I think the Vita needs a big price drop on memory cards, as that seems to be the thing even Vita owners complain about constantly.

Well, that and not being able to use the thing to download PS3/PS4 games and system updates to transfer at home later. Yeah, more storage is needed for that stuff, but that’s where the memory card prices need to shift down a chunk. Eh, we’ll see what happens. I use my Vita almost daily at this point, so I can at least say I’m supporting the system…

2 thoughts on “Gamescom 2014: Hey, Sony! You Kind Of Forgot About The Vita, Huh?

  1. Case in point — I have to wait a few days before getting my copy of Disgaea 4 on the Vita, thanks to’s two-tiered delivery system, but fortunately, D4 does have a demo. It’s probably a locked version of the full game since it’s about 1.5 GB in size, but doesn’t matter — as soon as the actual game arrives, I’ll delete the whole game file. Hopefully the progress made in the demo can be transferred to the full game!


  2. Case in point: Disgaea 4 on the Vita. I have to wait a few days to get my copy thanks to’s two-tiered delivery system, so in the meantime I can play the demo of the game. BTW, do you know if progress made in the demo is transferred to the full game?


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