Hyrule Warriors: One Of Nintendo’s Not So Secret Weapons This Year…

I’ll admit to grinning a wee bit too much when I heard about Hyrule Warriors, the latest mash-up of Koei’s fan favorite Dynasty Warriors series with an even more popular Zelda franchise and based on these videos, I’m betting Nintendo sees this one exceed their expectations. The pick up and play simplicity, hefty amount of playable characters and longevity of the DW series crossed with the massive appeal of the Legend of Zelda universe is pretty much a license to print money and I’m surprised that this hasn’t been done previously. Then again, the Wii U absolutely NEEDS an unbroken string of flat out hits and surprising sleepers in order to survive and it sure looks as if Nintendo is finally getting more consistent in terms of delivering better games for the console.

If this game is anything like the DW series (and it sure likes it’s going to be), there’s NO way anyone will blow through ALL the content on a rainy weekend. Sure, you MAY complete the game with one character by playing through for a few straight hours or breaking up gameplay sessions over that weekend, but you won’t have seen everything the game has to offer at all. It generally takes me a few months of playing to get as much out of a DW game and even then, I’m back for more if it’s a slow week and I have some free time…

Additionally, I’m gathering that since this will be a disc release and a Wii U exclusive, the amount of DLC (if any) will be small or nonexistent simply because Nintendo wants as many people to just BUY and play this one without worrying about missing something that may not be able to access because of a lousy home connection. I guess this may also be a downloadable game, but I don’t EVEN want to know what the file size is, given the uncompressed 11.2 gigabytes Namco Bandai’s recently released One Piece Unlimited World takes up.

That said, no matter HOW this one’s available, BUY IT if you own a Wii U. I’ll go out on a limb and predict developers Omega Force and Team Ninja will indeed need to make a sequel sooner than they think that takes what’s here and improves on it even more, so get ready for the Hyrule madness to take over in less than two months when Hyrule Warriors lands exclusively on the Wii U September 26, 2014.

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