TUSK: Kevin Smith Is Still Making Movies After All (This Is A Good Thing)…


tusk_xlgWhile I can live without the jokier stuff he’s famous for, I actually liked Red State quite a lot because it felt like the director was really stretching himself into new territory and the film worked exceptionally well as a result. Smith’s upcoming TUSK looks and sounds pretty darn intriguing, mixing its old school mad scientist played by the great Michael Parks with Justin Long’s modern hipster blogger looking for a the ultimate story who BECOMES said story:

Of course, given this summer’s lousy receipts from all those purported “blockbusters”, this one probably won’t be up there on the all-unimportant charts at all. On the other hand, I can see it becoming Smith’s biggest film to date provided people go in not expecting the usual and with open minds. If anything, this one’s going to be quite the conversation piece after it’s been seen, I’d bet…


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