PSN Flash Sale MADNESS! Everything For A Buck? You’re Broke And You Didn’t Even Look Yet!


WOW. Well, you thought it was going to be a QUIET weekend, huh? Nope. Sony is running an absolutely crazy FLASH SALE on PSN with a bunch of PSOne Classics, PSP and PS3 digital downloads, all for 99 cents EACH. Yaaaaaaah! I had to seriously restrain myself to only buying Wild Arms and Wild Arms 2 before caving in and picking up Legend of Dragoon because I’ve never actually owned my own copy. I have the other two games here on disc, but now that I can take them on the road on my PSP or Vita, I’m happier about not having to stay home to play them (and reconnect the PSOne to the TV, dig out a memory card with the right save files and so forth and so on). Anyway, there are a LOAD of awesome titles up for grabs, no PS Plus account necessary or any other shenanigans. Just DEALS galore this weekend for anyone smart enough to pop onto PSN or SEN and poke around. So stopp reading this and go get some games!

2 thoughts on “PSN Flash Sale MADNESS! Everything For A Buck? You’re Broke And You Didn’t Even Look Yet!

    • You know, I need to get both of those AND Papo & Yo. Oh well, I may as well commit to the three bucks, as that deal isn’t going to pop around again and if it does, it will be on different games. Dang you Sony! I’ve only played DD Neon at a friend’s and it’s amazingly nuts on SO many levels. I might even get Toe Jam & Earl, but it’s not Vita compatible as far as I can tell. I’ll check again later today. Machinarium is REALLY good, if you like adventure games. Very cool visuals and it’s one of those games that keeps you entertained quite a bit…


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