Gallery: Lumino City – State of Play’s Handmade Game Is Really Pretty Stuff…

Okay, I’d not heard of indie developer State of Play Games or their games until someone sent me a link to their site a while back and I was charmed by the look of Lume, a puzzle/adventure game (currently on sale on the Steam store) with sets made out of paper and cardboard with hand animated characters filmed against and around those lovely locations. While the game was short and some reviewers knocked it for this, the outstanding visual style and fact that everything was handmade made this one quite special. That and the game’s ending seemed to point to a potential follow up at some point.

Well, that follow up is coming and it’s called Lumino City. As you can see above and below, it’s a work in progress and looks gorgeous. The developers promise “a wondrous sprawling puzzle adventure game” and it looks as if they’re going to exceed expectations on a few fronts. Hopefully, those critics and players that beat up on Lume for its brevity will see the craft here and really appreciate all the work that is going into this new adventure. I know I’m eager to give it a go when it’s ready for some play time. It would also be cool to see this on consoles at some point, but I guess that’s up to the developer’s time and if someone gets them a few dev kits…

Lumino City – Teaser from State of Play on Vimeo.


LuminoCityMakingOf_1920x1080_12 LuminoCityMakingOf_1920x1080_1 Screenshot_CraneCity_workInProgress-1024x581 Screenshot_Kitchen_WorkInProgress Screenshot_Photogrpaher_WorkInProgress-1024x555 ScreenshotGatehouseWarmerTest ScreenshotLadderSceneInProgress-1024x552 ScreenshotWindmillPuzzleInProgress

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