Lost Planet 3 Monologue Trailer: Talking to Yourself Too Much Will Make You Crazy (About E.D.N. III)…

So you like to chat it up when no one’s around – I’ll still hang out with you when your game comes out, Jim. Between the solid losers STILL whining about the game because they think it’s a sequel (it’s a PREQUEL, for the thousandth plus time!) and it’s not like LP2 (which really wasn’t that great a solo experience) or just hating it for being developed in the U.S. of A. and not Japan (hooray for blatant gamer racism? Um, nope). Add in those who haven’t played it who seem to be clairvoyant in their predictions about the game or are even comparing this to games like GTA V (Why? I have no idea.) and you get a game that might have some trouble getting noticed by the hard-headed. Hey, Jim! I got your back, man – and I’ll even though your game comes out in late Summer, I’ll be keeping all the windows open, the fans on full blast AND wearing a hat to keep my ears warm in solidarity as I play LP3. Speaking of hats, Say, Jim? didn’t your grandma warn you about stepping outside without one (or a decent scarf)? You’re going to get ice cubes on your ears!

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