Mamorukun Curse! PSN Announcement Trailer: The ONLY Time “Crazy Meets Cute” Works.

Mamorukun Curse Logo

Consider the humble “bullet hell” arcade shooter. Some think they’re a dying breed, but for some reason they keep turning up all over the place as developers and fans of this niche genre know what they like and there seem to be enough old to new games appearing on a few platforms obscure to current that keep things really interesting. Anyway, G.rev Ltd. and Gulti’s insane “cute ’em up” Mamorukun Curse! is finally hitting PSN on July 16, 2013, so here’s a look at the announcement trailer and a small batch of screens. This one’s cool because you’re not in a spaceship or plane at all, but on foot or floating about in some maps, which reminds me of Pocky & Rocky, Twinkle Tale, Elemental Master, Undeadlinee and a bunch of other classics. But harder, as you’ll see above. Anyway, mark that date down and keep an eyeball peeled I say. Finger exercises optional, but if you go down in flames because of hand cramps, it’s your own damn fault…

MC_SS001 MC_SS002 MC_SS003 MC_SS004 MC_SS005 MC_SS006

Here’s what to expect in the game:

3 exciting game play modes: Netherworld Action Mode, Arcade Mode, and Story Mode
Online Leaderboards: Use Curse Powers to rack up huge bonuses and challenge your friends to the top-ranking spot of the online leaderboards
Includes all previously released DLC from the original Japanese version:
2 Extra Netherworld Adventures Courses
2 Additional playable characters: Nowa and Rukino for use in Arcade Mode and Netherworld Adventures Mode
Alternate Costumes for all 7 characters
66 challenging PS3 Trophies to unlock

Mamorukun Curse Banner


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