Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut Site Goes Live: Return To Greenvale (Weirder Version)…


DP_hold your breathRising Star Games is getting things (and perhaps a few heads) rolling with the official launch of the Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut website. This PS3 exclusive update to the former Xbox 360 exclusive that polarized fans and reviewers with its all-out bizarre tone, somewhat unpolished visuals and gameplay along with plenty of gore is getting an updated version that tweaks and adds many new elements (such as 3D TV and PlayStation Move support) while retaining the completely twisted plot and lead character.

Fans of scary games and/or David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and some of his other films will see an homage or three in this game, but it’s the general mix of offbeat comedy, horror and interestingly disgusting demises that will hook some new players in. Of course, that’s exactly what director Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery65) wants… so you just HAVE to oblige him, right?


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