Lost For The Moment, Found Happens Tomorrow…

not so overwhelming

I’m in the midst of writing my Lost Dimension review and a few other things, so there have been limited updates. Just pop back in tomorrow for something more interesting to read. Yes, that’s a screenshot from Wizardry 8, not Lost Dimension. One person will get the joke. Hopefully. Alrighty then, back in a bit.

4 thoughts on “Lost For The Moment, Found Happens Tomorrow…

    • Where the hell have YOU been?

      Potential answers to that question:

      1. Does it really matter? I’m here NOW (cue wah-wah guitar…)

      2. Well, uh… what happened was…

      3. Hell, of course. It takes no time to get there, but a hell of a time to get back!

      4. I was caught in a mosh?

      5. I take somewhat long showers and even longer naps in this heat.

      6. “Atsa matta fa me? Atsa matta fa youuuuuuuu?!!

      Don’t worry. I’m around. And hey – you should talk. You were probably stuck up on a mountain somewhere up a tree with a bear trying to pee it down because it couldn’t use a lighter. I won’t tell anyone about that incident. 😀


      • I got stung by a yellow jacket wasp that pumped so much venom into my wrist that I suffered a serious large local reaction and had to wrap my entire forearm for several days and now I’m just starting to be able to type without irritation.

        So…bite me.



      • Well, dangit. You just want to share some of that venom with someone else, so yeah, you’ll get bit alright. That and now you’ve made me think of Nicholas Cage in that awful remake of The Wicker Man. Anyway, get better soon!


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