Nintendo Direct 11/15/2014: A Familiar Mask, Lots of Steam + Many Other Surprises in Store…

More eye-popping news from Nintendo in this 33-plus minute Direct video. Seeing The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask return as a 3DS/2DS exclusive was a huge surprise for sure. Still, I’ll say I’m a tiny bit upset that it’s not gotten a proper HD reworking on the Wii U. The again, neither have any of the other N64 Zelda games, which is a shame. Anyway, MM looks spectacular on the 3DS and is an immediate must-buy game. That said, a new F-Zero would be spectacular and I’m still wondering when we’ll see some developer who can do it beg to make a new Earthbound game for the Wii U. It’ll most likely sell much better than the initially under-appreciated SNES game that now has a much more loyal fan base. Granted, that base may not be in the multiple millions, but it would absolutely appreciate a new (or old!) entry in that non-franchise…

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. cracked me up for one key reason: ABE LINCOLN IS IN A VIDEO GAME! Hoo boy. Yeah, I lost it for a good few minutes when I saw that footage, but the Fire Emblem team at Intelligent Systems can do no wrong in my book. Still this was another opportunity to see a new Wii U game and that chance wasn’t taken. Boo. Yes, it takes longer to make Wii U games, but knowing something like this turn-based and real-time game was on the way would make me smile even more. Another buy, anyway.

The Mario Kart 8 update news was cool and all, but I’m not as big a fan of this always huge series because I prefer more realistic racers for the most part. Still, I can see plenty of grinning Wii U owners preparing for more death stares with all those new tracks and the new characters coming. I’m also not a Monster Hunter fan, but I can certainly see its huge appeal to some loyal players who’ve been around since the game made its PlayStation 2 debut. Thanks to Capcom, Nintendo is taking Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate into crazy crossover heaven for Mario fans. Well, it’s silly to be sure, but hilarious and 3DS owners will no doubt be snapping this one up in droves.

After all that and more, it was Monolith Soft’s lovely Xenoblade Chronicles X that was the true showstopper and a game I’m glad I bought my Wii U for. That said, Splatoon as a final blast in the Direct was an odd choice, but the game still looks like a ton of fun. We’ll see how that turns out next year along with some of the other games in that presentation, but I’d say Nintendo fans will be giddy about much if not all that was shown.


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