Collection Update: One WARP Mystery Solved, One Begun!



Well, now. I knew about the kooky Flopon World on the 3DO for years, but have never seen a copy until a few weeks back when someone pointed to one up for sale on eBay. I let it sit there for a while watching it and hoping the cover would scare the more prudish collectors who might have wanted it off (how you explain two near-naked dudes on the cover of a match-3 variant puzzle game is all up to you, folks!) and I guess it worked. I made an offer and grabbed this for less than I thought I’d be able to. One down and what I thought was the LAST game I needed in my WARP collection (well, except for that legendary Enemy Zero limited edition that I’ve NEVER seen an image of) other than whatever other demos the company produced for the Japanese 3DO magazine than what I have here.

I guess I was wrong, as a few days later I see Flopon P!, a PlayStation game not listed as part of WARP’s output on GameFaqs… which has the WRONG cover image for Flopon World, by the way. I have NO idea what game is pictured other than to say it’s on the Flopon World disc as one of at least four games, so perhaps it’s a demo disc I’ve never seen? Anyway, the PlayStation game was published by Asmik in 1995 and the serial number SLPS 00032 just may mean that not counting demo discs, it was the 32nd PlayStation game released in Japan. But I think that numbering system went off the rails at some point. While it doesn’t have the WARP logo on the package or in the manual (and I don’t have the spine card to check if it’s there), both WARP and Asmik have copyright info on the game and the late, great Kenji Eno’s name is in the manual’s credits page. Hmmmmm… perhaps this was a co-production and thus not an “official” WARP game? I need to find this out, as it’ll make those who collect the few games made by this defunct company run out and track this one down. I think this one only cost me about six dollars, so that’s a steal and a nice addition to the library.

2 thoughts on “Collection Update: One WARP Mystery Solved, One Begun!

  1. How is the 3DO? Fun games? Many games? Fun system to collect for? I know if it but I’ve never really looked into it.
    I once considered collecting for the PS and PS2 but there are way too many games! I’d get lost and go broke!


    • I like the system because it was probably the first one that had pre-3D card PC ports that were pretty good (load times and resolution aside) and other than a few Japanese games, the system was universal. The total library of games is here:

      Not a lot, and less if you only get games you like. There are no shmups, only one good localized JRPG (Lucienne’s Quest) and one SRPG (Guardian War), but you do get the excellent Star Control II, two first-person Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games (Slayer is the better of the two – Deathkeep uses some of the same assets, but seems quite rushed). Road Rash and Need For Speed are pretty cool for the time (RR on the 3DO is what I think the best version of the game to date) and there are funky titles like D, PO’ed, Immercenary, Captain Quazar, Battlesport, Star Fighter, Blade Force, Psychic Detective, Quarantine and a bunch of others. Some 2D games appeared on the system (ports of Street Fighter, Samurai Shodown, Japan-only Yu Yu Hakusho and Sailor Moon games), and for some reason there are quite a few first-person shooters and point/click sci-fi adventures. The closest thing to a side-scrolling “retro” game would be Phoenix 3, which mixes digitized visuals in those side-scrolling walk ‘n gun portions with first-person space combat every few maps. I’ve got a bunch of games in the collection posted here:


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