It came from the Desert and it’s heading to the Genesis!

Yup, I’d have to say that this came as a surprise to me, as I’d only heard of the Amiga and TG-16 versions until now. yeah, I need to pay more attention to Wikipedia, I suppose.

Anyway, Color me thrilled that there’s a “new” Genesis game on the way and from the looks of it, a really good one. Thanks to the SegaDude for unearthing this awesome news.

Retro Megabit

IT_came_From_The_Desert_StickerIt’s such a welcome treat when a new or previously unpublished games gets put on a cartridge and released for retro consoles.
Just recently while browsing I found out about a game called ‘It came from the Desert’ which was once slated for release on the Genesis/Mega Drive but was subsequently canceled. And now 24 years later it’s threatening to arrive!

We’ve had this treatment before with the Genesis and it’s very exciting every time.

Retail Release coming soon. Retail Release coming soon.

I rushed over to to purchase a copy. …but they’re not ready yet to take pre-orders. The good news is (if you caught this post recently) we’re all in time to get a copy. From the link above you can sign-up to be notified when Cinemaware is ready to take your pre-order.
The release date is set for the 2014 Holiday season; which is not that far off. In fact it’s close enough that I’m surprised that they’re…

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2 thoughts on “It came from the Desert and it’s heading to the Genesis!

    • Oh, you’re welcome. I just hope the game gets into the hands of people who will PLAY it and not snap up copies ONLY to resell or stick on a shelf untouched. That’s cool if you can afford to do so, but I like seeing all the work that goes into games I buy and this one will be played.


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