SPINTIRES: Your “Hey, This Is REALLY Cool!” Sleeper of the Month…

spintires_logoJust look at that trailer and let your mind expand a bit. When I first heard of SPINTIRES, I thought it was yet another racing game clogging up an already crowded field and yep, I’d planned to skip it. But that was before I saw it in action and realized it’s one of those weird indie simulation games that would wrap me up for hours because it does a LOT of things RIGHT. Low system requirements, supports K/M play or an Xbox 360 controller, has some innovative and realistic terrain deformation you rarely see in off-road vehicle games and it’s got those wonderfully boxy, beautiful Russian trucks that look like something out of a sci-fi film because Russians think of the future all the time (but in the weirdest places). Anyway, this one’s on Steam now or you can snap it up from the official site AND get a free Steam Key as well! I just downloaded this, so it’s off to play for a bit in the mud and get a review posted sometime next week.

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