The Desolate Hope: You’ll Respect Your Coffee Pot Even More After Playing This Game…

A few years back, I downloaded and played a bit of a game called The Desolate Room, a sci-fi adventure/role playing game starring a sentient coffee machine (named Coffee!) with nicely surreal visuals and hybrid gameplay that made it one of the more unique games I’d played in a while. A bit later, I stumbled upon Iffermoon, another game by talented creator Scott Cawthon and I was even more impressed with his work. This week I find myself staring at his latest game, The Desolate Hope with a grin on my face because it’s probably his best game to date. More or less a remake of The Desolate Room with improvements to the visuals and RPG combat system, TDH is Part retro platformer, part turn-based RPG and all bizarre (in the best possible manner), this is one of those indie games that you’d pay top dollar for if it were on a cartridge back in the day or a disc of some sort now. At a measly five dollars of Steam, it’s one of those games where the price just seems too low for the quality of the visuals and very polished gameplay you’re getting. This isn’t a full-on review (yet), but I say go check this out and prepare to be amused and amazed by what’s here…

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