Game of Thrones 4:8 Recap: Mountain Always Beats Melon!

Yeah, well… that was an innnnnnteresting fight while it lasted. Of course, even though I didn’t read that far into the books, I knew from the moment all those fancy moves were being displayed and the non-stop banter that sounded half out a medieval Spider-Man comic was droning on that the fight was going to go a particular way. Ouch and double ouch. Still, as noted by a few people, it WAS a tie at the end, so perhaps the Imp can get away on a technicality or something. Hey, with two episodes to go, things are certainly getting really interesting…

Poor Dany finding out what she finds out and dealing with Jorah the way she does was also interesting and made me think back to the first seasons when she was going through hell and now realizes this was because of Jorah’s spying. Oops. Welp, I guess the mantra “Don’t get attached to ANYONE on this show!” holds true for everyone, not just the characters you think about over the others as more important.

As for Sansa’s sudden change into the black-wearing lady of doom or whatever she’s become? I dunno, kids – that’s moving a bit too quickly for me (the scene later when she’s all dressed up like a superhero or whatever make me laugh), but I guess there’s a great deal of ground that needs to be covered from the books to the show, right? That and you’d figure someone would have dragged Arya and The Hound inside at at LEAST let them speak to whomever was in charge just so he could be rid of her after all this time, heh.

And once again, here’s Uncle George telling you stuff you might know already or don’t know because you haven’t read the books:

As noted above, next week means two more shows to go before the season ends. I hope one of these is longer than an hour as there are a LOT of loose ends that need wrapping up and we’ll hopefully find out Tyrion got a fake node and some stilts so he could make good his escape. Then again, if he loses his head, it’ll be par for the course on a show that’s full of surprises…

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 4:8 Recap: Mountain Always Beats Melon!

    • Oh, you don’t want to ever get close to ANYONE on this show. It’s usually “head today, gone tomorrow!” deal. Or sure, get friendly… just don’t loan anyone any money or stuff you may want back without blood on it (eww)…


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