Taking A Tuesday Off Is A Tricky Proposition…

creature from the dance lagoon 

Hmmm. I woke up feeling a tad unwell, but my mailbox is PACKED with too much stuff, so I decided to hoof it outside and see if the warm air would do me good. it did, save for the fact that every since the great replanting around here where they dropped hundreds of plants from trees to flowering shrubbery into the ground, the pollen count has shot up to MASSIVE levels. As in you can see it “snowing” at times, there are clumps of it mixed together piling up in the streets and at a few points during the day, I’m finding it hard to see or breathe thanks to allergies I didn’t know I had getting activated. Blech! Anyway, updates today will be brief – maybe three posts total or so depending on how I feel later on and if I can get a decent signal from home. I wish I could hit the beach like the Creature here, but I don’t swim very well and I’d probably melt in that hot rubber outfit. I still wouldn’t mind the costume at all, as I’d wear it in the winter as a snazzy and sensible ensemble…

2 thoughts on “Taking A Tuesday Off Is A Tricky Proposition…

    • Today was better by far, thanks. I think I’m getting used to the amount of pollen that’s here to stay thanks to all those new plants, but I’m seeing a lot more people sneezing and coughing because they’re probably allergic to all that stuff drifting down from the trees and bushes…


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