Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Poster Gallery: Rogues, Not Rubes Coming To A Theater Near You…

Sincity2_TITLE_RAYAha. I was waiting for the photo versions of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s upcoming Sin City: A Dame To Kill For to start popping up on the internet and here you go. Well, below the first four promo posters, which are stylish and all, but don’t show how some of the returning characters look in the flesh:

sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver2_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver3_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver4_xlg

 Now, THESE five are more like it, I say:

sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver5_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver6_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver7_xlg

sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver8_xlg sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_ver9_xlg

Of course, Mickey Rourke as Marv is mostly makeup, so he’s probably the lest changed from the original film. I’ll get slapped if I say Jessica Alba’s Nancy looks “older” even if I’m just being honest about it, but if she’s doing the slapping, I’ll stick out my chin and let her have at it. Ouch! Anyway, everyone else here is new to the Sin City saga and we’ll all see what’s what on August 22, right?

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