Godzilla Poster Gallery Update: That Big New Lizard Inspires Some Mighty Fine Works Of Art

godzilla_ver8_xlgI hadn’t checked in on the Godzilla gallery over at Imp Awards in a while, but the need to dig up posters for some other films had me check to see what was new and wow, were there some nice additions. Granted, they’re not all my taste and I think a few are overdone. Nevertheless, all are striking and would make excellent additions to any movie fan’s walls and/or collection. I wish I had room here (or still collected movie posters, for that matter)…

godzilla_xlg godzilla_ver2_xlg godzilla_ver3_xlg godzilla_ver4_xlg godzilla_ver5 godzilla_ver6_xlg godzilla_ver7_xlg godzilla_ver9_xlg godzilla_ver10_xlg godzilla_ver11_xlg godzilla_ver12_xlg godzilla_ver13 godzilla_ver14_xlg godzilla_ver15_xlg godzilla_ver16_xlg

But wait, there’s MORE! Product placement, anyone? (and VERY amusing product placement at that!):

Hmmmmm… I wonder how much FIAT had to pay to be the first commercial to REALLY show the new Godzilla off? Probably way too much to contemplate, but at least they did a spectacular job with this commercial. Um, in case you haven’t figured it out after all those posters AND the commercial, Godzilla opens here May 16, 2014.


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