Nintendo Direct 12/18/2013: Some Very Nice Surprises From Now ‘Til Thenever…

I actually wasn’t expecting all that much from this new Nintendo Direct video, as it clocks in at just over 33 minutes and the last live reveal the company did outside their straight to the consumer YouTube series was underwhelming at best (or: I don’t give a rat’s banana about Cranky Kong!). That said, there were some nice surprises here in the form of NES Remix a cool mash-up mini-game series available today on the eShop and for me, Hyrule Warriors is going to be a go-to game for a while whenever it actually hits retail. Seeing a Legend of Zelda take on the supremely addictive long running “mindless” hack and slash Dynasty Warriors franchise (done by the folks who make those games, of course) made me a wee bit too giddy. I say this one should have been a launch or launch window game for the Wii U just because it’s one of those series that like it or not, anyone who can hold a controller can dive into and play without a single tutorial or hand-holding moment…

Of course, given Koei’s penchant for packing each DW game full of content and many playable characters, I’m even more intrigued to see how many heroes (and villains) from Link’s past and present make the cut. On a basic level, there really aren’t that many “heroic” characters in the Zelda franchise, but I can see Zelda herself finally getting some love, perhaps her one time alter ego (whose name I forget at the moment), and of course, Gannon making a showing for the bad side of things. Eh, we’ll see as this one gets closer to its launch date of whenever. And before you not in the knows get all upset, it’s NOT taking away any time or resources from any development of an in-house Zelda game at all (if there IS a new Zelda in the works), as Nintendo isn’t making the game. They’re merely publishing it once it’s all done.

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