Do We REALLY Need A Ratchet & Clank Movie? I Guess We Do. Maybe.

OK, I know I’ll get beat up by the more cranky fans of this franchise, but I’d much really rather see whatever money that’s going into this otherwise SPECTACULAR looking new film (set for a 2015 release, mind you) go into a new game (or games) instead starring these characters. Or even better, a game that combines this look (which the PS4 can handle with no trouble, I’d bet) in a game that’s packing movie-quality looks and gameplay flawlessly. Sure, this will absolutely rake in the megabucks as soon as it hits theaters, but I know that there’s an audience for CG animation that automatically shows up and buys into that first weekend or two just because it looks cool. I know that if the film references the older games too much, most of those jokes will soar over the heads of that non-gamer crowd while those who DO know what’s being talked about will be falling into their buckets of popcorn laughing.

On the other hand, this COULD be the best thing since sliced hamcheesebread if this is some sort of trial balloon for a future animated series or new game tie in. THAT said, it’s going to be interesting to see if this video game series that got its start on the PlayStation 2 eleven years ago is still relevant two years from now. I’d like to think Insomniac Games would want to move onto better and brighter things, but try and tell that to the rabid fans who want them to churn out the same types of games endlessly and gripe if they want to do something different. Then again… it’s kind of hard to pass up on making more money from something so cool if there’s enough of a demand for it. Ah, the eternal cycle continues, I suppose…

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