Gravity Daze Japanese Commercials: The Vita’s Soon To Hit Must-Have Hit, No Matter Where You Are…

Every time I see one of these ads or more images in a magazine or website, I start wishing that the Vita had launched with this game and a few others not here just yet. Then, perhaps some of this angst and negativity I’m seeing on certain other sites just wouldn’t be there about the platform. For those who have short attention spans (about 90% on the Internet), we went through this SAME nonsense with the 3DS last year and look what happened with that handheld (huge sales and faster than expected, at that according to Nintendo). Well, E3 is next month, so hopefully SCEA has a big fat (and well-thought out) plan to squash the dopes spitting out silly opinions that have no basis in reality. Me, I like my reality altered all the time I’m gaming, but that’s about it.

Two more ads below the jump…

I’m also hoping we get to see SCEA do some clever marketing for the game here (where it’s going to be called Gravity Rush), although I don’t expect too much, given the way the Vita has been marketed here so far. MLB: The Show is the BIG game being pushed in all the ads I’ve seen in terms of cross-platform play, and that’s kind of lame, as it would have been nice to see the system LAUNCH with multiple choices and the cross platform play up and functioning as perfectly as could be. Yeah, yeah, I get it – baseball is huge here, but like a lot more gamers out there, i prefer more fantastic things to play that something I can turn on the TV and watch day in and day out.


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