Is Game of Thrones Another Euro-Sleeper RPG Hit? I Think So…

Oops. Until today, I had no idea that Cyanide Studios had been working on their upcoming RPG, Game of Thrones on and off for about seven years (yes, even before the mega-hit TV show was around, this one was in the pot cooking away). As you’ll can see from the video link, the dev team members are not only huge fans of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire, they’ve done the smart thing and not based their story on the books or HBO series. Crafting an original tale and spending quality time tinkering away on things for so lone, THEN going in to add in some familiar faces plus a multi-path dialog system takes some dedicated work that deserves a play through or two (or more).  Well, I guess we’ll see how the game is next week -I’m looking forward to seeing how well it fits into what’s already in place…


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