Hey, Sony? Where The Heck is PANEKIT On The PS3 and Vita?

(thanks, akiha777!) 

I’ve been on the hunt for a reasonably priced copy of PANEKIT for ages and I’m still surprised that Sony has passed up on localizing this seriously awesome game for the U.S. of A. while also never updating it for a home or portable console since its release*. And you’re now asking me: “What’s a PANEKIT?” Basically, it’s a toy construction kit where you get to build whatever you want out of metal “parts” and set it in motion (if you like) in a 3D world. Sure, it’s visually “dated” by today’s standards and DEFINITELY a niche title, at that. Nevertheless, in this age of all sorts of junk games on phones and tablets, anything that allows you to create and share digital toys with others without losing pieces or worrying about dropping what you’ve built (and seeing it smash into a million pieces) deserves a new shot…

*Yes, the game was popular enough in Japan to get a PSN reissue not too long ago, but it STILL wasn’t even looked at for a more worldwide release (which is too bad)…


3 thoughts on “Hey, Sony? Where The Heck is PANEKIT On The PS3 and Vita?

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    • Amusingly enough, I ended up finding the game not too long after this post. I didn’t mention either program you noted as I’d not heard of them at that point. The look cool and I’ll give them a try, but I’m pretty happy with the original game (which should STILL get a US release through PSN)…



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