Snake No Longer Solid: Kojima, Konami Part Ways

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A cryptic tweet and some rumblings from the business side of things later and it looks as if Hideo Kojima/Kojima Productions and Konami are breaking up at least in terms of the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Gamers and industry folk are all going “!” at this news as they speculate on the reasons for the rift turned split. I’ll save the guesswork for deciphering the facts to come later on, but Konami is pushing forward in that way big corporations that own assorted IP tend to do. They’ve removed Kojima’s name from the marketing materials for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and is currently looking for a team to help create a new Metal Gear Solid series. As lousy as that news is to many core MGS fans, you’d best believe applicants will be jockeying for the opportunity of a lifetime…

But will it be a true Metal Gear Solid game at all without Kojima’s trademark quirkiness? While each game has presented some amazing action and memorable characters, it’s Kojima’s penchant for not taking certain things so seriously but paradoxically coming up with some seriously dramatic storylines and classic cinematic moments that makes each game special. Some fans don’t get or appreciate the weirdness on display, but I like to think it was Kojima’s way of keeping each game from devolving into just another action shooter experience. Okay, I’ll turn my speculatometer (TM) on full blast this one time and say perhaps it has something to to with Konami wanting the franchise to go in a different direction and Kojima not wanting to take it there. Or perhaps it has something to do with Kojima not wanting to do another Metal Gear game at all or at least until after the Silent Hills project was completed some years down the road. Unfortunately, even that property seems up in the air with this digital divorce. Which is too bad, as based on the mighty response to P.T., it seemed that the dying Silent Hill franchise was clearly going to get a new entry well worth playing multiple times.

Who knows other than Hideo Kojima and the powers that be at Konami in Japan? I’ll sit and wait for the actual details and yes, lament the fact that anything Metal Gear from this point onward after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is going to be seen as a cash in to many who know it’s not real Snake on their plates.

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