Microsoft’s Temporary Xbox One Price Drop is a Tempting Tease…

If you were holding off buying that Xbox One because of the price point (despite the recent price cut to $399), Microsoft is making things a lot more tempting. While ACTUAL sales figures for the console (and yes, all other consoles) is a bit tricky to track down, those in the know know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold at least 10 million units worldwide (a solid start, but that also means a lot more millions still own and play games on the PS3, particularly in Japan where the PS3 still outsells the PS4). Both Sony and Microsoft have to deal with one core factor with their new-generation systems in the fact that both the PS4 and Xbox One absolutely require a broadband connection in order to function out of the box if players want to take advantage of any online features…

Granted, you can use a PS4 right away provided you have a retail game that has the latest system update on the disc and don’t mind the constant attempts the console will make to go online and check for all sorts of stuff every time you turn it on. But that Xbox One requires a connection to set up your Xbox Live Gold account and take care of a a few other mandatory housekeeping updates meaning you’re out of luck if that price point is making you smile but you’re in an area that suffers from awful connection speeds or you simply just don’t have broadband at home. That’s a problem that you’d think would have been solved already, but it seems that the more people want to and get to connect every device they have to the internet, the worse things get in terms of stability and other issues (go figure). Anyway, you have from November 2nd, 2014 until January 3rd, 2015 to get this Xbox One deal, it’s ONLY for the US market (hey, nothing’s perfect, right?) and I can see this holiday season getting a bit hectic in some spots where potential buyers looking for a new console and go with price point over brand loyalty see this as a fine and dandy deal they can take advantage of…

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