Constantine TV Trailer: NBC Wants To Give You A Few Cases Of Vertigo…

I’ll reserve judgment on this until I see a few episodes, but while some are championing this as awesome, I’m skeptical on a few fronts because of what’s missing and what will be missed. First off, Hellblazer works better as a title (at least to someone like me who read the original books when they were first published), but network TV with a shiny new show in need of an audience in America probably isn’t going to touch that one (right, NBC?). Second, John’s icky chain smoking is gone, no doubt because network and public outrage deems he lose his nastiest habit. Although, this may not be a bad thing as I can see the show tying into the film (some still despise) by knocking away John’s habit because he lost the taste for ciggies in the movie. Finally, and this is the touchy part (no pun intended, maybe)… in the Vertigo books, Constatine was how do we say… swinging for both teams (to be as vague as possible but not about the man’s bisexual tendencies). Granted, getting people outraged about that sort of thing is WAY too easy these days and yep, I’ll bet that NBC didn’t want to even go near that bit of business…

I guess I’ll leave my issues with the show being on on a Friday Night (a telly dead zone for some shows) and NOT being a cable show (how come? I’d prefer things to be as uncensored as possible, given the comics have gone pretty far with their tales) along with the first part of NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby being not as good as I’d have hoped fall to the wayside for now. Nevertheless, this show has a tough road ahead of it, but it’s about time that DC/Warner gets more love these days as they play catch up with Marvel/Disney in the great comics arms race (or whatever you want to call it).

Eh, as usual… we’ll see. The worst that can happen is we get a season of promising stories that scare off the folks expecting it to be another teen-friendly faux horror show and the show finds an audience of fans who can appreciate what it has to offer. Of course, that means niche viewership and perhaps only one season, but it could also mean a longer run and maybe even a move to a better day for those who don’t stay home on Friday nights (or just use it to catch up on sleep for the weekend)…

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