Godzilla Wants To Know: What Are YOU Doing On Friday? Or Thursday Night, For That Matter?

Well, if the answer is “NOTHING”, well dear sir or madame… it looks as you have a hot date with a big angry radioactive lizard (like it or not and he WILL come get you). Although I hear those Thursday shows have sold out in some areas, so there’s that to consider. Of course, Friday will be a crunch of people storming the cinema, stepping on toes and sitting in your popcorn if you do show up, so there’s that to consider. I’d go myself on that day, but given that the last movie theater here is officially closed and being turned into a freakin’ T.J. Maxx or some other shop we don’t need around here (although, if it IS a Maxx, i’ll op in to look at the food section), I’d need to travel into Manhattan and go to an even MORE packed theater (yuck). Eh, we’ll see. I’ll probably go see this on a quiet mid-afternoon when the kids are at school and there are mostly old curious people in that theater because it’s hot outside and they’re getting that discount on a matinee. Hey, I’m getting up to that age anyway, so I may as well see how the other half lives, right?

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