The Raid 2: Before The Brutal Ballet Begins, A Brief Peek…


1. DSC_5266With The Raid 2 finally hitting theaters this Friday, here’s a peek at some stills you can see without wincing or ducking down behind the back of the seat in front of you as well as a few GIFs to make your eyeballs bounce around in their sockets if you happen to like that sort of thing. I still catch the first film on cable when I have time to spare or need the sounds of bones cracking as background noise when I write. It’s actually very relaxing under the proper circumstances.

Um… well… I guess you need to be here when I’m in a good mood and can work to anything playing in the room. Here’s the film’s trailer in case you need to know what I’m babbling about:

More pictures (moving and not) below the jump…

DSC_0012 DSC_0920 DSC_1293 DSC_1303 DSC_4309 DSC_7262 DSC_8094 Raid2_still_55 Raid2_still_64

Who wants some GIFs? POW! Here you go:






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